Our tuckshop adopts the  Smart Choices Strategy for Queensland Schools as our aim at St John’s is to offer healthy food and drink choices to our students.



The foods we choose reflect the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and work around the premise that we:


• We stock and sell mostly ‘Green Food’ choices in our tuckshop

• We stock and sell limited ‘Amber Food’ choices in our tuckshop

• We do not stock or sell ‘Red Food’ choices in our tuckshop


Smart Choices Strategy


Additionally, our tuckshop makes home-made healthy food choices which are standard menu items as well as fortnightly specials.


To ensure our tuckshop is able to run smoothly each class is allocated 1-2 days to volunteer or donate each term. This rotational roster is communicated to all classes via the newsletter and class dojo.  Volunteering in the tuckshop only takes 1-2 hours.


Please be reminded that tuckshop can be ordered via the over the counter bag system and online at Online Canteen


Our tuckshop is open on Thursday (first break) and Friday (both breaks) and all orders must be place by 8.20am.


Our Menu