The history of School Boards in Queensland can be traced back to the Project Catholic School, a research project undertaken by the Queensland Catholic Education Commission in 1977. One key recommendation to emerge from this project was the need to make sure  atholic Schools had strong links to the local community; one way of doing this was to establish local School Boards.


This philosophy of ‘shared wisdom’ allowed Boards to develop a model that was more about ‘consultation’ rather than ‘decision making’; this philosophy is a feature of the St John’s Board which seeks to work toward the achievement of the Church's educational mission.


The aim of the Board is to assist our school to fulfil its Catholic Educational responsibility within the terms of the general pastoral and educational goals of the Diocese.


The first responsibility is to assist the principal and staff to apply the ideals stated in our school's Mission Statement: to ‘Prepare the Way’ for our students, so they know the truth of Christ, are true before God, true before all and lead meaningful lives, now and into their futures.


The Board acts in an advisory role to the principal in relation to specific decision making responsibilities in the areas of policy, provision and maintenance of buildings, budgeting, communication, curriculum and staffing. A shared wisdom process of discernment is the basis of the Board's decision making process..


Membership of the School Board consists of ex-officio, elected and co-opted members. Ex-officio members are the Parish Priest, Principal and where applicable a representative of any religious order providing staff to the school. Elected members include a member of staff, parents, and a parishioner. The Board can co-opt members to become full members of the Board. Parent members on the Board are elected for a two -ear period and are chosen based on their faith dimension and their specific talents such as financial expertise, pastoral wisdom, managerial experience or local knowledge.


To be eligible to elect or be elected, a person must have participated in a pre-service Board Education Program. This program ensures a clear understanding of the philosophy and the aims and responsibilities of the Board.


The School Board is a pastoral body consisting of parent members, the Principal, the Parish Priest and a staff member. The function of the School Board is to support the Principal and advise on matters of existing policy and in the formation of new policies.



The School Board is an open and effective body which welcomes any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas you may have.  All correspondence can be addressed to:


Chairperson, School Board

St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School

15 J Hickey Avenue




It must be stressed that the School Board is a Pastoral Advisory body to the Principal.