Supporting Learners

Learning Support here at St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School is managed by a school appointed Learning Support Team which is overseen by the APC in consultation with the Principal. If a teacher has any learning support concerns about a student, they need to meet with the APC and/or Learning Support Teacher to discuss their initial concerns and strategies in place.

In essence, the Learning Support Teacher will oversee the identification, support and monitoring of students who have an Education Adjusted Program (EAP), while the APC will be more involved with co-ordinating support and monitoring of students with specific learning difficulties or those requiring extension.

Ongoing concerns regarding a students’ learning or behaviour requires a referral form to be completed which includes evidence about assessment results, classroom anecdotal records and routines or strategies.  An appointment needs to be made for these meetings with a member of the Learning Support Team and at times, these may be in teacher release times.  Teachers also need to maintain some flexibility when working with Learning Support as coordinating meetings between multiple parties can be difficult.

It is also imperative that the teacher keeps the Learning Support Team constantly updated about any information from parents throughout the year. These could include reports from a paediatrician, Speech Pathologist or Psychologist.  

All EAP students will have an Individual Education Program (IEP) designed in consultation between the Learning Support Teacher, the classroom teacher, allied professionals and the parents. Students who have been identify with a Learning Difficulty or who are more-able may also require an Individual Learning Plan. A Learning Support Assistant directly involved with the student may also be involved in the consultation. These programmes will be reviewed at least once per year.

Learning Support Assistants will be assigned to classes where there is a student with special needs. They will also be provided to support Indigenous Students, students who have English as a Second Language, and students who have a specific learning difficulty or require extension. These Learning Support Assistants are to be utilised by the teacher to best support the needs of that student. (i.e. - could assist in supervising an organised class activity while the teacher works one-on-one with the student), and that this process needs to be clearly articulated and communicate via a Learning Log.

Appropriate professional development will be provided to teachers and support staff to ensure skills and knowledge regarding differentiation of the curriculum and changes to procedures.