St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School is a welcoming, forward-thinking and compassionate school. St John’s has developed a strong academic tradition built on solid academic foundations, while lighting the fires for future growth. We value each student and their journey is based on Christian values; one full of energy and diversity; one that unearths interests and talents; and one we believe leaves students in great shape for the next leg in a challenging, exciting world.


St John's is a learning community that recognises and honours each child's right to feel safe, to learn and to be respected, while also respecting others.


Every child has the right to feel safe…a child’s full learning potential cannot be reached unless they feel secure within the school environment.


Every child has the right to learn… we aim to provide a school that is striving for excellence in the religious, academic, sporting and cultural areas of education.


Every child has a responsibility to respect others… we strive to preserve a culture of support for one another, intertwined with the values and beliefs of our Catholic faith traditions.


We value each child, their individual stories and the journeys that made them who they are today; we look forward to travelling on this exciting journey with each child and their family.


Enjoy learning more about us as you explore and share the spirit!



Our Mission is to prepare the way for our students, so they know the truth of Christ, are true before God and lead meaningful lives,
now and into their futures.